Towing Service Buena Park

Bright Towing Buena Park has been around for many years, a part of the Buena Park Community dedicated to helping keep things running. With all our experience, Bright Towing Buena Park has garnered an understanding of what towing service should really include. Becoming the towing service Buena Park needed was a mix of both specialized towing, such as flatbed towing for local and long distance towing needs, as well as the general car towing services. Each year brings more experience and Bright Towing Buena Park continues to set the standard for emergency and peacetime towing services.

Wait a Second, Towing Without an Emergency?

When it comes to car towing, Buena Park is one of the cities lucky enough to have a service like Bright Towing Buena Park with our flatbed towing trucks and the provisions of service ensuring that, no matter what needs to be towed, it can be done. Flatbed towing trucks are specifically designed so that the vehicle is driven up onto the bed of the truck and then lowered down into the proper horizontal position. This is great for car towing because it means there will be no extra wear and tear on the car and that the car travels in the right position. For those transporting cars to car shows or moving from one place to the next, this is the best way to get the car there. Additionally, flatbed towing trucks can provide more than just light duty towing, but are built to haul many sizes of vehicle.

The Buena Park light duty towing trucks on the road today are really something impressive as well. Touching only the tires of the car, they preserve the paint job or other delicate features and maneuver a vehicle with simplicity.Bright Towing Buena Park has tow truck service down to an art. In the tradition of towing that has been around since the very first tow truck service was founded in 1916, Bright Towing Buena Park has made innovation and top notch service their towing service priority. Keeping with the top of the line equipment and training our technicians to handle whatever jobs surface,Bright  Towing Buena Park is the best towing service in the area. Night and day towing, local and long distance towing – with our towing service policies, Buena Park is more than covered.

There’s no need to be intimidated by car towing anymore;Bright Towing Buena Park is here to help, emergency or no.